My Last Saturday in Busan

The end is near everyone! This past weekend was my last weekend in Busan. I leave bright and early on a cozy 7am flight to Jeju Island Saturday morning… so in a very stereotypical girls day fashion, Caleigh and I spent the day shopping, eating, walking, and doing face masks to close because we will be departing our separate ways (too) soon.

I’m churning through footage still from the Skywalk, hiking, Gamcheon Culture Village, the Trickeye Museum, and the Shinsegae (as well as all the footage I still have yet to edit from Seoul – oops), but I promise that I have it, it’s just yet to be uploaded.

Caleigh and I are also taking a day trip (one night, two days) to … somewhere close… I’ve completely forgotten the name of the area but I know it’s a quieter, more traditional area of South Korea – and I will take my camera with me – so expect a vlog of that trip as well.

Anyway, enjoy, and if you haven’t already, subscribe!



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