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    When in Kyoto

    The Boy forced me to dress in kimono (knowing I’m the kind of person who has to be “forced” to do something that she secretly has always wanted to do since dressing up as Mulan for Halloween when I was little). We took pictures and acted extra, so here they are.

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    35.652832 | 139.839478

    I spend the night restless, drowning in a canopy of fading light from the a lamp across the room, occassionally reaching over to read another chapter of the book tucked underneath the rough cotton sheet of the pillowcase. It’s stained in leftover foundation and flicks of mascara, reminisce of impromptu naps just before dusk. There’s a smell there if I adjust my head the right way, drop my neck and curl my body into a cocoon; a faint trace of menthol from cigarettes is burned into the strands of my hair and fibers of the fabric wrapped around me. I count the seconds, minutes, and hours under my breath, let…

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    A Year in Review: The Confidence Project

    At the beginning of this year I wrote down a checklist of things that I wanted to accomplish in 2017, something I’m sure no one is stranger too, as the start of the new year normally brings out our most idealistic selves. For the most part, I managed to accomplish the majority of my goals, as they were things I was either working towards, was in the midst of doing, or things I knew I would inevitably get done. Of course, that was no small feat – January 2017 Monica had very high expectations of herself, so as usual when it came to my annual list, unfortunately, not all were…

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    6,819 Miles

    It’s that time of year again, and despite finally being in an area that has actual seasons, which is something I’ve wished for after years of watching the most banal yet heartwarming holiday movies, I’ve found my limited holiday cheer is for the most part, already exhausted. My experience with the holiday season is complicated, and has been a bit less magical since I found out that there isn’t actually a fat man in red suit who tumbles down the chimney in the middle of the night to deliver gifts for my brother and I. The Santa Clause myth is a bit of a stretch once you get to the…

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    7 Things to Know Before Coming to Korea

    Thinking about spending some time on vacation in Korea or deciding on whether you want to take the plunge, pack up, and move here? I’ve been living in Korea for about six months now, and have started a list (which I will eventually end up adding to, as I’m still thinking of little things as I type this) of specific things you need to know before you come here. I tried to think of things that were a bit different from what I’ve found on other blog lists and came up with these seven. 1. Do not expect to find a lot of Western foods or restaurants that cater to…

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    The Cartography of Thought: Logic & Truth

    The theory that claims a nearly indistinguishable process of thought among all humans regardless of their culture assumes a Eurocentric worldview. This hypothesis neglects to consider the differences between Eastern and Western countries, while remaining apologetic towards Western ignorance by allowing its preservation in an increasingly globalised society. The reality of the complexities of human cognition are greatly attributed, instead, to a host of factors beyond biology relevant to an individuals environment.    In 2010, the journal Behavioural and Brain Sciences published an article that explored the nature of the types of research posted concerning human psychology and behaviour. They posited that such routine publications regarding behavioural science were drawing…