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June 2018


Another Year (or so) in Review: Tomorrow, Today


In the spirit of insomnia and too much caffeine after 10 pm (learn from me), instead of continuing to binge watch “Sky Castle,” I decided to scroll through endless Instagram and Snapchat videos I had saved over the last couple of years. I ended up feeling really nostalgic and a bit sad because I will be leaving this place, this life, right here, very soon (there’s a clock on the wall,…


How I Lost Myself in 2018


I had this list in my head, it went something like: acceptance of others, meditation - things of that nature. It was a very easy-going new year's resolution list straight out of a women's magazine - nothing too crazy, nothing too "Eat, Pray, Love." But as I'm sitting here at my desk staring at this candle that has the phrase "Love Heals Every Body" printed across the front,…


Osaka in December


Against the advice of my therapist, I decided to go back to Japan for part of my December holiday. Not that I have any bad feelings towards Japan, quite the opposite actually, but you know, you can never be too careful. It brought up a lot of nostalgia, and stirred up some weird emotions I thought I had already dealt with but hey, sometimes you have to roll…