Another Year (or so) in Review: Tomorrow, Today


In the spirit of insomnia and too much caffeine after 10 pm (learn from me), instead of continuing to binge watch “Sky Castle,” I decided to scroll through endless Instagram and Snapchat videos I had saved over the last couple of years. I ended up feeling really nostalgic and a bit sad because I will be leaving this place, this life, right here, very soon (there’s a clock on the wall, just counting, counting, counting those seconds away). So, I compiled everything and set it to a song that I kind of love (that’s actually compatible with the feeling of the video – finding a new path, not knowing what is coming next, that kind of “writerly” Jack Kerouac bullsh*t). But, what is happening in these videos? Why do these matter? Where is that historical goddamn context? I’ll leave it up to your imagination, but all were recorded in a moment where I felt really, truly, happy. Sometimes I think in the midst of writing resolutions and starving ourselves for the newest fad diets at the start of the year, we forget about those little moments, what those bits and pieces look like when tethered together just tight enough. We spend our time moaning about how horrible the year was, how this year will most definitely, definitely (just you watch!) be better, then make silly promises to ourselves and others just to hold a semblance of accountability. So, even though I will probably continue to moan, I also wanted to take a moment (or three minutes +) to remember these things that right now, mean everything.

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