I’m Monica ! Hello hello ~

However you managed to find your way here, whether you’re family, a friend, an acquaintance even (for those of you who prefer such a noncommittal term), or a complete stranger – welcome. Either way, here we are. You, me, and this brightly lit screen between us.

So, what is this? What is the point?

Exactly? I can’t say. Those are the kind of hard hitting questions that I have filed away to sift through at a much later date in my life. I will search for those answers once I take out a mortgage or something – just not now. As for right now I will instead write about what I know, which I will admit isn’t much as I just graduated and recently had to have someone explain deductibles to me (and then re-explain as if I was in first grade). I’ll be writing mostly about traveling, food, culture, and generally navigating expat life in South Korea, but hey, don’t worry, I’ll sprinkle in a couple of existential crisis pieces in there for your enjoyment as well.

Thank you for being here, and thank you for reading ♡