Another Year (or so) in Review: Tomorrow, Today


In the spirit of insomnia and too much caffeine after 10 pm (learn from me), instead of continuing to binge watch “Sky Castle,” I decided to scroll through endless Instagram and Snapchat videos I had saved over the last couple of years. I ended up feeling really nostalgic and a bit sad because I will be leaving this place, this life, right here, very soon (there’s a clock on the wall,…


Osaka in December


Against the advice of my therapist, I decided to go back to Japan for part of my December holiday. Not that I have any bad feelings towards Japan, quite the opposite actually, but you know, you can never be too careful. It brought up a lot of nostalgia, and stirred up some weird emotions I thought I had already dealt with but hey, sometimes you have to roll…


Spending a Week in Malaysia


She’s back! Sort of… Recently, in a kind of spur of the moment thing, I booked a trip with a friend to visit Kuala Lumpur and Penang. I’m trying to visit different countries in Asia and get a bit more out of my comfort zone (more than I already am anyway) for the time being, which means, more trips abroad (I’m thinking Taiwan and Hong Kong early next…


Tips for Living Abroad


It’s been a little over a year since I moved, and while abroad I noticed that there seemed to be two types of experiences among my peers. Of course, I understand that sometimes specific personalities don’t match with certain countries, but that aside, I think there are certain things that you can do as a foreigner to better your situation. Unlike my vlog style uploads, I just wanted…


The Lost Summer


Okay, I think I have about five more days left on my Final Cut Pro Trial…and last but not least, here’s the rest of the (useable) footage I have from this past summer when I was volunteering in Busan. It was actually really fun editing this one. I had forgotten about some of the things I had done with and time spent with the friends I made while…


Weekend in Seoul, Summer 2017


Can you tell that my Final Cut Pro trial is coming to an end? Maybe? But, moving on… remember when I first got to Korea back at the end of June and was in Seoul for a little while, doing everything touristy and walking over twenty thousand steps a day? Yes, I said back in June. Basically, that first week was so hectic that I took all the…


Christmas in Kyoto


Apologies that it took a couple more days than originally planned to get this uploaded; my only excuse right now is the fact that I’m back at work so I’m lacking a bit in extra time to finish these things. Either way, here you guys go – part 2 of my Kyoto trip. I’m currently editing photos and trying to get the rest of what was saved off…


Christmas Eve in Kyoto


I’m back home in Korea, a fact that is, well, slightly depressing because being on holiday is significantly better than being at work…but… I’m feeling refreshed, a little bit like I’m floating, and still full from New Years, crazy enough. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday – and is remaining optimistic about the start of a new year! As 2017 came to a ridiculously fast, but inevitable,…


My Last Saturday in Busan


The end is near everyone! This past weekend was my last weekend in Busan. I leave bright and early on a cozy 7am flight to Jeju Island Saturday morning… so in a very stereotypical girls day fashion, Caleigh and I spent the day shopping, eating, walking, and doing face masks to close because we will be departing our separate ways (too) soon. I’m churning through footage still from the Skywalk,…


Beaches & Bingsu


She went to the beach – finally! New vlog is up, bear with me on the audio in the beginning and end sections, I promise the next vlog won’t have that problem. Ya live and learn. Till next time, and enjoy ~  …