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    How to Survive Work

    Warning: This is a satirical piece. The author does not condone any of this behavior or practices. This was merely written as kind of a fun stress reliever that does have some pieces of truth throughout, but by no means is the author suggesting anyone should take all of the “advice” given. Build your scream chamber. Choose a place, a special place. This can be a quiet place, somewhere serene, like a beach at sunset, or a trail in the middle of the woods, maybe even hand-in-hand with someone that makes you feel quite warm despite it being far from outside. Or, it can be a loud place. Maybe it’s…

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    The Kids Will Be All Right

    It’s been over a year. I think I’ve already clarified this, but I’m saying it again: it’s been one year, one trip around the sun, three hundred and sixty-five days plus. My summer vacation consisted of me bouncing around to different places; first Seoul, then Austin, then Newport, then back to Seoul before Jeju for another year (plus, plus). My time in America meant going back to my hometown, where the days were long, the sun was relentless, and the people were just the same as they have always been: loving everything gluten-free, vegan, and farm-to-table fresh. I was witness to too many people running outside as if they had…

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    KBeauty Summer Essentials

    I spent the last week and a half in Seoul, and let me tell you, it’s hot. Like, I didn’t want to leave my Airbnb until the sun went down hot. If there’s anything that has been increasingly frustrating as I get older, it’s my skin. I was lucky and didn’t get much acne when I was in high school, but as of the last year or so I’ve noticed that my skin has really taken a hit, especially due to stress, lack of sleep, and let’s be honest – not the best decisions as far as food goes. After reading article after article, and watching so many skin routine reviews, I…

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    On Language

    Language is an incredibly irritating thing. As a writer, I dedicate too much of my time to trying to find the right words. I'm constantly overthinking the placement of adjectives, verbs, and whatever else because I want to perfectly encapsulate a scene for my audience. I want to be able to present what's in my head as accurately as possible - describe a feeling, create something tangible from the intangible, make someone else somewhere else in the world empathize, and understand.

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    Tips for Living Abroad

    It’s been a little over a year since I moved, and while abroad I noticed that there seemed to be two types of experiences among my peers. Of course, I understand that sometimes specific personalities don’t match with certain countries, but that aside, I think there are certain things that you can do as a foreigner to better your situation. Unlike my vlog style uploads, I just wanted to sit down and talk about some of the things that I think are important to remember before making a decision to live in another country, and what you can do there once you settle down. Hope it’s helpful, and I’ll be…

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    Health-Conscious Tips for Living in Korea

    I’ve been living in Korea for almost a year now, and while that in no way means that I am an expert of any kind (far from it in fact, like, far far from it), I wanted to share a list of some important tips to remember if you are planning on moving or studying abroad in Korea. Some of these things can apply to other Asian countries, but of course, I’ve only ever lived in South Korea, so this is specific to my own experience. Most of these are things that I have yet to see any other article or blog mention, and I tried to highlight at least a few…

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    The Beginners Guide to Korean Street Food

    This is by no means a complete list, but just some of the foods I’ve seen the most often when I’m out (and busy stuffing my face with everything I can get my hands on)… 호떡 Hotteok Sweet Korean Pancake Late evening: Me – wandering through rows of stalls, stomach growling (or not really growling because the truth is I ate maybe one hour ago, but growling because I have yet to eat anything sweet, and the smell of food is both overwhelming and calling to me), sliding past people talking amongst themselves in crowds of lines, shouting “hotteok ju-SAY-YOOO,” in an attempt to both annoy one of my friends, but also because…

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    Things I Miss and Don’t Miss About America

    It’s Wednesday morning; pouring outside – currently, has been, and will be the rest of the day. Despite this, I’m feeling oddly refreshed, a telling sign that spring is just around the corner, bringing with it more bearable temperatures and longer days. Now that the sun has decided to become a more frequent visitor in my life here on this little island, I’m beginning to remember what I love about living here. I started running outside and exploring this little area I call my home by running through trails and down windy roads riddled with too many construction workers who always look at me as if I’ve stumbled down the…

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    Let’s Talk Kpop

    Since the mid-1990’s, shifting economic values in South Korea has contributed to the evolution of a broader cultural movement known as Hallyu. Referring to the global popularity of South Korea’s cultural economy, including television, music, fashion, film, beauty, and cuisine, Hallyu, or the “Korean wave” is a phenomenon attributed to massive changes made by the Korean government over the last few decades. With an increasing interest in branding major companies, a new focus on infrastructure, the restructuring of Korean chaebols, and lifts in censorship laws, Korea’s transnational flow of popular culture as a means of promoting soft-power by shaping preference through attraction has boosted Korea’s economy exponentially, marking it the…

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    Trials in Adulting

    A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I was going to be an adult. A real adult this time, like the kinds you see in crappy romantic comedies and those dramas on AMC like Mad Men or Suits. I was going to start writing in my planner, scheduling things, talking in a deep voice about really serious issues but then also talking really fast and using big words as if my life was suddenly scripted by Aaron Sorkin. I begin by making all these promises to myself, even writing them down in a notebook as if I’ve suddenly drawn up some sort of contract with some outside party. I tell myself that I…