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    Little Birds

    “Something’s wrong,” he whispered, laying the bird down on the table. It slid out of his palms, its head bending backwards so the nape of its neck nearly touched the mantle beneath. The wings were fashioned like a cocoon, tucking the body away, the white feathers neither ruffled nor out of place as Wynn let it roll onto the counter. Audrey leaned forward over her homework and touched the bird anxiously, her index finger just barely pressing against its mangled right leg.  “Where did you find him?” Audrey asked, looking up at Wynn. He rubbed his nose with his sleeve and shrugged. “I think Kaiser killed him.” Audrey nodded, turning…

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    Seeking Passion

    I’ve been struggling with something lately, and while this may come as no real surprise because A) it’s the end of January 2018, and B) it has been snowing on and off for the last few weeks, I’ve still managed  to transition to a lesser version of myself: someone who sleeps half the day, then spends her nights lying awake staring at the ceiling. While the winter blues narrative has become moot at this point, and frankly a bit overdone, still the days pass with slow succession, my mood reflective of the now greying skies. A patterned case of seasonal depression attributed to the lack of sunlight and the it’s too cold…

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    The Lost Summer

    Okay, I think I have about five more days left on my Final Cut Pro Trial…and last but not least, here’s the rest of the (useable) footage I have from this past summer when I was volunteering in Busan. It was actually really fun editing this one. I had forgotten about some of the things I had done with and time spent with the friends I made while in PNU, as well as a not so happy reminder that I miss my best friend back home a lot more than I thought. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy. But, I think it’s time to let editing/filming Monica retire for a…

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    物の哀れ (Mono no Aware)

    Looking back, I would have to say that I’m incredibly lucky. Lucky in a lot of instances, which considering my pessimistic personality, is something that I’m not quite used to. I don’t know why, but there’s still this part of me that likes to chip away at any smile I may have and repeat the phrase over and over: You don’t deserve this. My initial near-breakdown and nervousness surrounding my winter holiday in Japan was, like most things with me, something that I built up too much in my head until it warped into a feeling that hinted towards regret more than anything else. This is nothing new for me,…

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    Weekend in Seoul, Summer 2017

    Can you tell that my Final Cut Pro trial is coming to an end? Maybe? But, moving on… remember when I first got to Korea back at the end of June and was in Seoul for a little while, doing everything touristy and walking over twenty thousand steps a day? Yes, I said back in June. Basically, that first week was so hectic that I took all the footage, moved the files to my backup drive and never looked back. Yesterday I finally went through that footage, and let me tell you, it was pretty brutal. I don’t want to make too many excuses for myself, but those first few…

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    Christmas in Kyoto

    Apologies that it took a couple more days than originally planned to get this uploaded; my only excuse right now is the fact that I’m back at work so I’m lacking a bit in extra time to finish these things. Either way, here you guys go – part 2 of my Kyoto trip. I’m currently editing photos and trying to get the rest of what was saved off my camera posted, so bear with me (once again). xoxo

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    Christmas Eve in Kyoto

    I’m back home in Korea, a fact that is, well, slightly depressing because being on holiday is significantly better than being at work…but… I’m feeling refreshed, a little bit like I’m floating, and still full from New Years, crazy enough. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday – and is remaining optimistic about the start of a new year! As 2017 came to a ridiculously fast, but inevitable, and frankly highly anticipated end (not that 2017 was a particularly awful year, but I like the idea of a “new” start too), 2018 began with a strangely motivated Monica, who, whilst breaking out of her creative rut, edited, and enjoyed editing, her footage…

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    35.652832 | 139.839478

    I spend the night restless, drowning in a canopy of fading light from the a lamp across the room, occassionally reaching over to read another chapter of the book tucked underneath the rough cotton sheet of the pillowcase. It’s stained in leftover foundation and flicks of mascara, reminisce of impromptu naps just before dusk. There’s a smell there if I adjust my head the right way, drop my neck and curl my body into a cocoon; a faint trace of menthol from cigarettes is burned into the strands of my hair and fibers of the fabric wrapped around me. I count the seconds, minutes, and hours under my breath, let…

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    A Year in Review: The Confidence Project

    At the beginning of this year I wrote down a checklist of things that I wanted to accomplish in 2017, something I’m sure no one is stranger too, as the start of the new year normally brings out our most idealistic selves. For the most part, I managed to accomplish the majority of my goals, as they were things I was either working towards, was in the midst of doing, or things I knew I would inevitably get done. Of course, that was no small feat – January 2017 Monica had very high expectations of herself, so as usual when it came to my annual list, unfortunately, not all were…