Seeking Passion


I’ve been struggling with something lately, and while this may come as no real surprise because A) it’s the end of January 2018, and B) it has been snowing on and off for the last few weeks, I’ve still managed  to transition to a lesser version of myself: someone who sleeps half the day, then spends her nights lying awake staring at the ceiling. While the winter blues…


“Life Itself is the Proper Binge”


I think I would have forgotten about Thanksgiving had it not been for my very loving parents who so graciously have spent the last week and half sending me pictures of the products of experimental baking (shout out to the Skype call which delved into my mother showing me some of the food she’s been making in time for the fall weather). Regardless of my jealousy, the holiday…


Top 10 Korean Dishes


1. DOLSOT BIBIMBAP (돌솥 비빔밥) (dor/l•sot bi•bim•bap) – Stone pot mixed rice Probably the easiest to come by and most popular dishes you will find in Korea, 비빔밥 is a bowl of rice and a variety of vegetables, mixed together and served with or without meat and a hardboiled egg. While the vegetables can change based on where you are, typically it’s served with mushrooms, carrots, cucumber, 고사리(go•sa•ri),…