It’s Okay To Not Be Okay


So, I basically started filming this way back in September and slowly over the course of months and months of piecing video footage together I gathered all of this. I know I never film, I'm aware, I don't have excuses, but anyway. With COVID basically becoming the neverending story of last year and possibly into this year I made a little video about what I've been doing while…


Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Korea: Part I


Perhaps most frustrating has been forgetting words completely. Because I use about half of the English I used to use before I moved, a lot of those bigger complicated SAT words have completely slipped from my mind. The other day I was trying to remember the word "conspire" and ended up blabbering through a definition of the word before a student corrected me. A lot of my Google…


Yeonnam-dong: “Pan Honesta”


At “Pan Honesta,” located in the far end of Seoul’s quiet residential neighborhood, early mornings mean muffled conversations, an under-stated dark-roast, and a book. Over the last few years, vegan options have become more sought out, either due to the influx of foreigners now residing in Seoul or as an attractive addition to the city’s budding diversity within the food community. While there is still a significant amount…


Weekend in Seoul, Summer 2017


But, moving on... remember when I first got to Korea back at the end of June and was in Seoul for a little while, doing everything touristy and walking over twenty thousand steps a day? Yes, I said back in June. Basically, that first week was so hectic that I took all the footage, moved the files to my backup drive and never looked back. Yesterday I finally…


When in Seoul


. . . . .   Myeongdong is known for its shopping, so needless to say that this area was beyond busy. There’s tons and tons of places to buy skin care products, clothes, accessories, and food stalls line the streets. It was packed and a bit overwhelming (especially with the amount of tourists there as well), so we stopped for ice cream while looking for the Innisfree…


In Transition


There was a period of time where I was floating, drifting around in a space that felt neither tangible nor particularly empty. It was an in-between; a break in reality where a small piece of me managed to slip through into this place that was reminiscent of something more dream-like than anything else I've ever experienced: It was a Saturday morning on the patio of your favorite coffee…