“Where are you going, where have you been?”


Let me preface this post with a warning… I wasn’t going to post this. I didn’t want to. This reluctancy was born out of a need to convince everyone that everything is exactly as I say it is – fine. I’ll repeat that a dozen times until it sticks. I needed to convince myself of this. I wanted to fit into that perfect image I created of what…


Thoughts on Home


I’ve been a bit hesitant about writing this post, but it appears that I woke up strangely early this morning and now find myself in an empty cafe, hopped up on a bit too much coffee, relying on too little sleep, and, well – here we are. It’s been almost a month since I arrived in South Korea, and while I’ve yet to actually move in to my…


Conversations + Generalizations


Currently, I’m working in an English cafe in Busan, South Korea. If you aren’t sure what a job like that entails, the main idea is pretty simple: people come to the cafe to have conversations in English with foreign volunteers (who are fluent English speakers from a variety of different countries). The ages of those that attend the cafe can range from middle, high school, or university students,…


Train to Busan


By force of habit, I’ve been asleep for the past two hours while on the train to Busan. There’s something about moving vehicles that send me into a state veering on comatose, or something less dramatic than that. Thankfully, I don’t snore, nor drool (at least to my knowledge), so the only stares that I’ve been receiving since I sat down have been by the children next to…