Spending a Week in Malaysia

She’s back! Sort of…

Recently, in a kind of spur of the moment thing, I booked a trip with a friend to visit Kuala Lumpur and Penang. I’m trying to visit different countries in Asia and get a bit more out of my comfort zone (more than I already am anyway) for the time being, which means, more trips abroad (I’m thinking Taiwan and Hong Kong early next year).

This is the first time I’ve visited a country in Southeast Asia (more on that later), and while we did the whole shopping/spas/massages on certain days, I didn’t really find them camera worthy (I mean, a mall in America is pretty much the same as a mall anywhere else). Also, about the food – I took pictures, which I will upload later, but I may be part of the 1% of the world who doesn’t love the food in Malaysia. I don’t know – it’s really flavorful and delicious – yes, of course. But, my stomach doesn’t love it. Since it has a lot of different spices and a lot of it is fried, I couldn’t eat a ton of it (think a mix between Chinese, Indian, and other Southeast Asian dishes). I also had a fear of eating street food there since a friend of mine got food poisoning for about a week after eating some meat from a market stall. I know, I’m sorry – I just, maybe I’m prejudiced, but I would rather get it from a restaurant (Korea has made me a bit of a snob as far as the cleanliness of street food, and honestly, the places I saw there made me nervous since we were doing so much walking I really couldn’t afford to get sick).

Most of what we did in Malaysia was walk around and talk. I filmed the cultural sites though because they were definitely camera worthy. The country is really beautiful and vibrant, even in the rain.